Monday, July 20, 2009

Random Thoughts of the day

It's Monday and I am having a particularly difficult time concentrating on my work and not being super grumpy that I'm at the office instead of on some beach somewhere or an exciting new city. SO, to help keep me entertained and awake, I am going to let you all know what my thoughts are throughout the day. Think of it as one long twitter. I don't tweet. I don't need one more thing to help me procrastinate...but if I did tweet these would be my tweets throughout the day.

Hold on to your hats because, here we go....

11:54 am: just finished semi organizing my desk and realize that I need a larger desk. My current cubicle is slightly claustrophobic.

12:05 pm: brought leftover bbq pulled pork for lunch but ended up ordering chinese...i am such a sucker sometimes!

12:39 pm: Dear Student, please read your transcript thoroughly before calling and getting upset with me. Thanks.

1:11 pm: is not sure why I keep checking my gmail. I never get anything new or exciting.

1:38 pm: can hear the movie the guy on the other side of my cubicle wall is watching. Can't tell for sure what it is but sounds like there is a car chase.

2:34 pm: found out we get our annual bonus tomorrow and I am daydreaming about office supplies and a new desk for my room and rearranging everything. Don't judge. I like office supplies.

3:20pm: was quite possibly a life coach in my previous life.

4:09pm: just learned that all staplers are not created equal. Need to invest in a swingliner stapler.

4:52pm: thinks she will do a little shopping before going to the bridal shower tonight. She needs to psychologically prepare herself for the wedding-ness.