Sunday, May 10, 2009

Going to the Temple...

Vince and Brynna got married yesterday morning in the Manti Temple. Their reception was at Talon's Cove in Saratoga Springs. Yesterday was entirely devoted to wedding activities. Lauren and I got our hair done by Frank (seriously love him!) at 11. We then came back to my apartment got a few last minute items together and then headed south. We had to stop at South Town Mall to get jewelry. We had a difficult time deciding what we wanted. I really didn't care too much but Lauren really wanted pearls and couldn't find anything that she really liked. We went to Macy's, JC Penny, bought some earrings at Dillards then went back to Macy's to buy different necklaces. We weren't matchy matchy they way Lauren wanted but we were both happy with out purchases. My necklace was $40 but i paid $9! Love sales! We then grabbed some lunch at the food court and then headed out to Talon's Cove to get the reception ready.

When we got to the reception site the tables were set up with chairs but that was it. We had to put all the rented table clothes, runners, chair covers, bows, centerpieces, candles, gift table, sign in etc. in a couple of hours. It turned out pretty well actually. I was pretty proud of us. Brynna and Vince were late to the reception, which i was pretty sure would happen. But they were happy and loved how everything looked so it all worked out in the end. I spent most of my evening making sure the bride and groom were happy and had everything they needed and making sure everything went smoothly. I surprisingly had a very good time. I didn't know many people there but I hung out with Lauren and a guy name Dru. He used to be in our ward but has since moved on. AND my sister's sister-in-law was there too. Random, no? She was there with a guy that knew Brynna. We did the bouquet toss (Lauren literally shoved me out of the way) and after Lindsey came up and said hi. So random. Nicki was there too. It was good to see her.

All in all it was a good night. Probably because I was sort of in charge...if i hadn't had something to do I probably would have been pretty bored. I even got asked to dance and really, what girl doesn't like that? I'm happy for the couple and I'm glad that it went as well as it did. Everything looked good, even if the cake didn't really match anything else. It was still a beautiful event. CONGRATS Brynna and Vince!

Lauren and I tied each of those bows. 10 tables, 8 chairs plus the 6 at the head table...oi.

My hair...Frank is the master.

This is the back of Lauren's hair...Frank strikes again!