Saturday, June 14, 2014


Today was Lisa's wedding day..., that sentence just seems unreal. If I hadn't been there to witness it, I'm not sure I'd actually believe it had happened! Not that I don't think that she'd ever get married, because she's amazing! I really am so happy for her and Bruce (not actually his name btw). It just seems surreal. I went up on Wednesday and we were running around getting wedding stuff done, and we talked about the surreal nature of her wedding quite a bit. One of us getting married is something that we talked and joked about for years. I was going to marry Derek Schnefflehopper and I was supposed to write her future husband a "Husband Manual" chock-full of helpful hints about living with Lisa. For example, unlike many women and stereotypes of women, when Lisa says she's ok - she is, in fact, ok. It is not code for "dig deeper or you're going to be in so much trouble later".

I will admit, I did cry...a lot. I was able to keep it together during the ceremony but when it was my turn to hug and congratulate the couple, there were tears...from both of us. We hugged to the point Bruce asked "I get her back, right?"

No matter how much I miss the BuBanks and all the daily shenanigans, I am so excited for Lisa and this amazing new adventure she is starting today. I love Lisa and Bruce together. They're such an easy going, happy, silly, loving, warm, kind and generous couple. I am overjoyed that Lisa found someone that really understands what an amazing woman he has in her.

Bruce isn't a slouch either...